AP grew up in a small town on a farm, and has been a big baseball fan since 2004. He’s had numerous roles in the game ever since. Each role has given the opportunity to see a lot of different places in the USA, and many stadiums in between. AP moved to Texas in 2016 where he met his wife. They began traveling to ballparks together from the very beginning. As of 2021: their biggest game was game 7 of the 2017 ALCS. Mrs AP watched all of game 6 while AP was at work with anticipation to make the 4 hour drive to Houston the next morning. They ended up traveling to many ballparks from 2018-2019 making some long drives with just a few days off of work. As the 2021 season begins with a new approach, they’re looking forward to balanced trips to different places, while sharing many ballpark experiences with everyone.

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